Cloud Applications

Taking call systems into the future…

Amazon Echo / Google Home

The Vigil Skill allows residents of independent senior living communities using the Vigil Integrated Care Management System™ to communicate with staff using only their voices. Seniors with mobility issues or physical limitations no longer have to actively press a button or pull a cord to contact staff. The Vigil Skill uses Amazon Echo or Google Home to raise a call on the Vigil System and notify staff through the Vigil Active Calls Screen, pagers, wireless phones or the Vigil Mobile smart phone app.

GPS SmartSole

Vigil has partnered with GTX Corp to provide the GPS SmartSole®. The GPS SmartSole® is an easy to use, 2-way GPS tracking device that uses the cell phone network to send notifications back to your Vigil system. GPS SmartSole® is ideal for residents that are able to go outdoors independently but may be at risk of getting lost, disoriented or experiencing health problems that prevent them from returning. For residents with more severe dementia the GPS SmartSole® can also be used as a tracking device in case of elopement.

Vigil View Dashboard Reports

Vigil View is a cloud-based reporting tool that allows you to monitor and benchmark call system data for one or more communities with the Vigil System. Using Vigil View you can compare average response times, call volume, call types and call frequency from one site to another or to industry benchmarks. Run it from any browser or automate a snapshot report to arrive in your email inbox daily.

Vigil Connect App

The Vigil Connect app for senior living allows residents to communicate with staff quickly and clearly. Residents can call for help with one button from anywhere in the community with Wifi or cellular coverage. Less urgent requests can be customized and directed to the appropriate people, improving efficiency and increasing resident satisfaction. Vigil Connect was designed specifically for seniors with large buttons and an easy-to-use interface, making it user friendly for all levels of ability.

API for Integration

The Vigil API allows other system’s data to be sent through the Vigil System. This allows you to consolidate multiple types of notifications on one set of devices while also keeping data from multiple systems in one place.