Vitality Call System

vi-tal-i-ty: Facilitating the continuance of a meaningful and purposeful existence.

The Vitality Wireless Call System offers freedom and independence for senior living residents while ensuring their safety.

Wireless Pendants and Wristbands

The Vitality Wireless Mini-Pendant is one of the smallest on the market and was designed specifically for senior living residents. The Vitality Band is perfect for active residents and is durable and completely sealed for use at the gym, in the pool or doing their favorite activity. All Vitality Wireless devices are fully supervised and will alert when the battery is low or the device hasn’t checked in with the network.

Indoor and Outdoor Coverage

The Vitality Wireless System offers optional outdoor coverage for walking paths, gardens and other outdoor areas. This allows senior living residents to remain independent and active while still ensuring their safety.

Wireless Fall and Incontinence Monitoring

Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans. Bed and chair exit sensors notify staff when residents are getting up, potentially reducing or avoiding falls, and mitigating nighttime wandering. Incontinence sensors detect incidents and track their occurrence to aid in creating effective toileting plans.

Specialty Monitoring, Apps, and Integrations

Additional features include the Vigil Mobile app for staff, Vigil View Dashboard Reports for mutiple sites, and integrations to many other systems including wander systems, phone systems, electronic health record systems and more…