Notification Devices

Keep your staff connected to your residents with handheld devices…

Vigil Mobile App

Vigil® Mobile is a smart phone application (app) that can be used on your Apple® iPhone or iTouch or Android® device. Vigil Mobile allows you to view active calls from your Vigil Integrated Care Management System, Vigil Elite or Vigil Essential System. Vigil Mobile provides access to instant, real-time information, facilitating immediate action where needed. Vigil Mobile may be used as a pager alternative for front line care staff or by senior staff and administrators that need a convenient way to monitor the Vigil System from their mobile device.


Local area paging systems are an economical way to eliminate the noxious lights and buzzers typically associated with nurse call systems. “Local area” means that the paging transmitter is physically located on site and does not require a monthly subscription service. Pagers can be set to vibrate to further reduce the noise factor and will buzz to notify staff of the type of call, location of call and any other necessary details. Pagers typically cost less than other notification devices and can also be more durable and reliable. Waterproof, rechargeable pagers are also available.

Wireless Phones

Wireless Phone Systems such as Spectralink, Panasonic, and Cisco can be used on their own or in conjunction with your desk phone system. Wireless Phones allow staff to receive notifications from the call system as text messages, while also enabling two-way voice communication with other staff.