Nurse Call System

Designed specifically for the needs of senior living residents.

The Vitality Call System is an innovative hybrid wireless/wired nurse call and emergency call system that can be fully customized for any level of care.

Wireless Offers Full Flexibility

Wireless devices are ideal for retrofit sites where wiring may be difficult, for changing care levels and for residents on the go. Wireless devices include:

  • Wireless Mini-Pendants
  • Wireless Vitality Bands
  • Wireless Nurse Call Stations
  • Wireless Emergency Call Stations
  • Wireless Sensor Outlets for fall and incontinence monitoring.

Hardwired Offers Maximum Reliability

A hardwired network provides a robust, reliable backbone while still allowing residents and staff to take advantage of the convenience and mobility of wireless devices. Use hardwired devices in locations where the device will be permanent, to save maintenance and operating costs, and to meet UL1069 requirements. The Vitality Call System is also available in a completely wireless version for existing buildings where wiring may be too difficult.

Specialty Monitoring, Apps, and Integrations

Additional features include the Vigil Mobile app for staff, Vigil View Dashboard Reports for mutiple sites, and integrations to many other systems including wander systems, phone systems, electronic health record systems and more…